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Teaching Experience

Technique: Beginner and Pre-professional Ballet, Chinese classical dance, Chinese folk and ethnic dances, Modern dance, and Somatics;

Lecture and Seminar: Dance Histories, Dance in Cultures/Dancing Cultures, Research Methods in Dance, and Dance on Screen

Graduate Courses 

  • Concepts of Culture, Spring 2024

  • Research Methods in Dance, Fall 2022

Ballet Intermediate/Advanced

  • Guest teacher, Temple University 2024

Undergraduate Courses 

  • Philadelphia Dance Experience, Spring 2024

  • Dancing Cultures, Fall 2023

  • Shall We Dance? Dance as Narrative in American Film, Fall 2022

  • Dance in Cultures, Fall 2019

Fieldwork at Philadelphia Ballet

Modern and Chinese Classical Dance Technique

Guest teacher, Fall 2023, Swarthmore College

Somatic exploration class that combines Graham Technique and Chinese Body-Rhythm Technique

Han-Tang Chinese Classical Dance

Guest artist, Fall 2023, Temple University

An introduction of Han-Tang styled Chinese classical dance to undergrad and graduate dance majors.

Graham Technique

Guest teacher, Spring 2019, Case Western Reserve University

Modern dance class for both undergraduate and graduate students.

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